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After witnessing the difficult circumstances of his peers, The Rand Project was born out of the passion of 20-year-old CEO and founder, Pol Martin. He knew that he needed to create a DeFi platform where Gen Z can thrive, while simultaneously educating Gen Z and future generations about the power of DeFi in allowing financial freedom from traditional finance. This is where The Rand Project comes in! Pol and his team are here to alleviate roadblocks for Gen-Z. This project is built by and for young investors.

This project has just received impressive support from industry leaders. Leading their second round of fundraising was DFG.

Commenting on their recent support for Rand Network, CEO & Founder of DFG, James Wo said,

"One of the most important educational aspects that have come with the rise of cryptocurrencies is the need for people around the world to become financially literate and understand the risk/reward ratio of how they manage their money. Rand Network is addressing next-generation demands for efficient financial gateways with low friction which is a very much needed method to empower future generations to understand how to achieve financial freedom." Other notable investors such as Outlier Ventures, Long Hash, MEXC, Jsquare, and more. Rand was able to fundraise a total of $2.3 Million, and the team is allocating these funds raised toward their app development, building their team, and marketing initiatives.

Martin recently said,

"If we want blockchain to reach mass adoption, we need to create tools which integrate blockchain and crypto in the backend so that users can use these tools without prior knowledge of crypto or steep learning curves." To achieve this mission, Rand is merging the gap between the traditional and decentralized finance worlds. Their main objective is to create an ecosystem that incentivizes sustainable savings and the growth of assets.

This sustainability comes from Private and Public Vaults that can be created by the Rand Team as well as the Rand Community:


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